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What is Lexica?

You may have found this page since Lexica started appearing in The Times newspaper. On this site you will find instructions for the puzzle and also a tutorial to give you a few hints on how to solve them. There are no new Lexica puzzles here but if you like the puzzle then please let The Times know what you think and you may see more of them in the future.

Take a look at the Lexica puzzle on the right hand side.

You can see an empty grid with letters around the outside.

The aim is to slide letters back into the grid either horizontally or vertically. Letters can slide over eachother but must stay in their original row or column.

It is as simple as that. Lexica puzzles can be solved by using logic and your knowledge of how words are built. Hover over the grid to see the completed puzzle.

Please take a look at some examples of Lexica to try this puzzle for yourself. If you need more help then feel free to take a look at this tutorial.

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