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What is a Navigrid?

Take a look at the completed Navigrid puzzle on the right hand side.

The collection of movements underneath the grid can be used to connect the numbers together in sequence. For example to move from the number 1 to the number 2 you need to use the movement that represents a movement of one square to the right.

Try it now. Use the movements to jump around the grid from the number 1 to the number 9.

Obviously the grid on the right shows the solution. The actual puzzle will be presented in the form of a grid containing only some of the numbers. Hover over the grid to see the starting puzzle.

One final rule is that you can not move through a black square; so for example you would not be able to move from the square containing the number 1 to the square containing the number 4.

Please take a look at some examples of Navigrid to try this puzzle for yourself. If you need more help then feel free to take a look at this tutorial.

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