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The latest news from Vexus Puzzle Design.


29th July - NEW - Our amazing Lexica app is now finding a wider audience on Steam. Head over there and get it now for some fantastic puzzling action!


4th April - Not a lot happened for us in 2012, we just kept on producing great quality puzzles but 2013 has started some great news. Our word puzzle that is featured daily in The Times newspaper (Lexica) has been made into an app! This means that you can now enjoy solving Lexica puzzles interactively on your iPhone and iPad. Click on the banner below to get it from the iTunes store - for free!

Download the app for free on iTunes.


30th September - Tiktaka makes an appearance as a guest puzzle in Puzzler Media's magazine "Sudoku" this month. Issue #88 came out today and is available in W.H.Smith and other newsagents. We think it looks fantastic! The excitement of seeing our new puzzles in print never wears off. Please let them know if you like it.

14th August - It has been a while since our last news update but we've been working hard on a brand new puzzle which we think is going to be a real winner! Please go and take a look at Tiktaka which is an abstract double-maze puzzle based on an original idea by Rod Bogart.

1st August Our Haijo puzzle may be getting its own magazine! More details to follow.

10th March - We have added a fancy looking brochure to the web site which shows off all our puzzles in one place. Go and take a look here..


11th November - We are proud to present a new puzzle called Haijo which is an interesting cross between Sudoku and Kakuro. So far it has appeared in a few Sudoku Xtra issues but you can try a few for free here.

This is the first time that Vexus Puzzle Design has collaborated with another puzzle creator. Renger Kas from Bougainvillea Productions contacted us with the original idea and we helped to develop it into the finished puzzle.

Why not get in touch if you think you have a great idea for a puzzle?

1st March - Big news!! Vexus Puzzle Design is pleased to announce that one of our puzzle creations has been accepted by The Times newspaper! Two Lexica puzzles will be appearing every weekday in their newly redesigned "Mind Games" pullout. We think it looks terrific and hope that it gets some good feedback. If you like Lexica why not let The Times know.

We are absolutely thrilled to bits to be part of the newspaper that launched Sudoku and is the home of the famous crossword.

25th February - Dr Gareth Moore is still going strong with his new magazine and has a nice looking redesign of his website. Sudoku Xtra contains a huge number of puzzles so there is sure to be something you like. Vexus Puzzle Design continues to contribute to the Community section so please support this publication.

5th January - Look out for Isolate as a guest puzzle in Sudoku magazine published by Puzzler Media this month, you should be able to find it in most newsagents. It gets a 2-page spread and a mention on the cover!! Click on the thumbnails below to get a closer look.


26th December - It isn't just Isolate that can claim to have been in the Daily Mail - now Navigrid and Klump have experienced life in a newspaper. Both puzzles appeared in the Christmas puzzle supplement on 26th December. Click on the thumbnail below to get a closer look.

8th December - What a great year it has been for Vexus Puzzle Design! Our Isolate puzzle continues to feature daily in The Daily Mail and their Christmas supplement should contain some Navigrid and Klump puzzles.

1st December - Please take a look at our new puzzle Lexica. We've gone for something different here at Vexus, our first word-based puzzle! Everybody will be talking about Lexica in 2010 (possibly) so what are you waiting for - try it out now! This has received positive feedback from everybody I have sent it to so far - I hope it is only a matter of time before it appears in a publication.

21st November - Fellow puzzle creator Dr Gareth Moore has put together a new magazine called Sudoku Xtra and is calling out for like-minded people to join his puzzle community. If you like puzzles then please buy it (you can also find it on Amazon.com). If you make your own puzzles then why not send him some?

18th March - We have designed a new puzzle called Klump. You can find tutorials and examples on this website so please take a look!

14th March - I have added Navigrid and Isolate to wikipedia. If you enjoy the puzzles then why not head over there and add your solving tips.

9th March - Amazing news! We have managed to get Isolate a daily spot in the Daily Mail! See it every Monday to Friday in their "Coffee Break" pull out section. Click on the thumbnail below to see Isolate in its full glory.


18th August - We have designed a new puzzle called Modula. You can find tutorials and examples on this website and also at Puzzle Club.


12th June - We have sold our first set of Isolate puzzles. That didn't take long! If you want to use them then send us an email.

1st June - Vexus Puzzle Design are pleased to announce another brand new puzzle. We are very proud of our latest creation, it is called Isolate and is a fantastic little puzzle for you to try to solve. Please take a look at the tutorial and try some of the samples on this web site. If you would like to use Isolate in your publication then get in touch with us.

1st June - Issue #18 of Kakuro magazine is now in W.H. Smith and to our surprise there is a fantastic front cover mention for Navigrid puzzles. This is a great magazine and contains a nice selection of Kakuro (obviously), Slitherlink and Killer Sudoku puzzles.

Puzzler Media are asking for feedback on Navigrid puzzles so that they can decide whether or not to promote them further. If you like the puzzle then please, please, please let them know.

29th May - A few Navigrids have surfaced in a very unusual place. While googling for them we found that three Navigrid puzzles had been used as part of the 6th Open Belarussian Puzzle Championship. Go and take a look at For Smarts web site for more information and some nice unique logic puzzles.

We are really thrilled that Navigrids have been used in a competition, if anybody is interested, the puzzles would all have been assigned a Medium rating by us.

24th April - Navigrid is now being actively promoted by Puzzler Media Ltd. As well as appearing in their own magazines we am hoping that they can place the puzzle into some newspapers. This is very exciting!

The puzzle will be making its debut appearance in Kakuro magazine. This will be in W.H.Smith in mid-May.

5th February - Navigrid needs a new outlet and has found one thanks to Puzzle Club. We have been added to their collection of thousands of popular puzzles. There are samples for you to try and you can subscribe to try them all.

1st February - Unfortunately Mind Games magazine has revealed that it will be folding after issue #10. This is a great shame as it contained a lot of different puzzles and was written in a fun, lively way.

16th January The website has been redesigned to try to make it easier to find parts of the site. Hopefully 2007 is going to be a good year for Navigrid puzzle.


12th December - The seventh issue of Mind Games magazine has been in the shops for a week. This magazine has FOUR new Navigrids for you to try. This puzzle has had some excellent feedback on the message boards over at the Mind Games web site. Why not join in!

16th November - The sixth issue of Mind Games magazine has been in the shops for a week. This magazine gets better and better every month and has something for everyone, including FOUR new Navigrids for you to try. This puzzle has had some excellent feedback on the message boards over at the Mind Games web site. Why not join in!

11th July - The second issue of Mind Games magazine has now hit the shops. It is an excellent magazine full of all sorts of puzzles including two new Navigrids for you to try. This puzzle has had some excellent feedback on the message boards over at the Mind Games web site. Go take a look and see what all the fuss is about.

6th June - The first issue of Mind Games magazine is now available in the shops. This is your first opportunity to try and solve a Navigrid puzzle (or Navigrid in this case) so what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy yourself a copy - just make sure you turn to page 47 first! Good luck!

22nd May - Mind Games magazine will feature two Navigrid puzzles within their main pages plus an additional third puzzle appearing in their sealed "pro-zone" pullout which is intended for expert solvers. The puzzles were originally called "Vexus" but have been re-christened as "Navigrids" for this particular publication.

15th May - Navigrid has been accepted by a brand new puzzle magazine called "Mind Games". The first issue is due out on 6th June 2006 and is aimed at people who wish to give their brains a good work-out. The magazine will be packed with popular logic puzzles such as Sudoku and Kakuro ... and now Navigrid!

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